Join Camp FUN! at Toddler University

for the Ultimate Summer Adventure!

Join Camp FUN! at Toddler University

for the Ultimate Summer Adventure!

Academics, Friends and Summer Fun for children aged 3 to 12 years old!

May 27th - July 26th

Are you looking for your child’s next big summer adventure? Worried about finding the perfect summer program that balances academics and fun? Look no further than Toddler University’s CampFUN!

Experience the Ultimate Mix of Friendship,
Learning and Fun in Our Exciting Atmosphere!

What will your little one be doing this summer?

Toddler University Presents Camp FUN!

At Toddler University, we believe that children thrive when given the opportunity to learn in a fun and exciting space. That’s why we’ve combined our unique learning program with a child-first approach, creating a summer camp experience that expands your child’s learning beyond the classroom! 

Our motto is simple: “if you expect more from a child, they will give you more!” We carry this philosophy into CampFUN!, where we aim to provide your child with a summer experience they won’t forget! Our games, activities, and workshops are designed to get them active, support their exploration and curiosity, and allow them the independence to learn by themselves. CampFUN! makes learning a fun and inspiring experience for your child.

But don’t just take our word for it!

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We know that choosing a summer program can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve made it simple for you to find the perfect match for your family. Our guide offers tips and advice on what to look for when choosing a summer program. Download your Summer Camp Guide today…

Summer Camp Weekly Sessions

Summer Camp is All Inclusive – Weekly Field Trips, Meals, Activities with NO Hidden Costs!

STEAM-Based Activities

Team Challenges

Literacy-focused Learning

Arts and Crafts

Flexible Scheduling

Age-Appropriate Small Groups

Weekly Onsite / Offsite Field Trips

Endless amounts of FUN!

Learning Disguised As Serious FUN!

Camp Dates

Running May 27th - July 26th

Register Today for just $199!

If you’re interested in attending Summer camp, follow the instructions below:

Camp FUN! is running from Running May 27th - July 26th and is fully flexible, allowing you to choose which weeks your child attends without having to commit to the whole summer. Please fill in the form below to choose which weeks you would like your little one to attend.

FAQ About The Activity Fee

Q. Why do I need to pay the activity fee in advance?

A. Many times, we are able to get package deals and discount rates on things by paying in advance for a large group. This enables us to do more things for the money! Also, it is very risky to have so much cash flowing in and out of hands every day if cash is brought in for each activity. Paying ahead of time allows for more budgeting and less risk of money loss.

Q. If my child does not attend a field trip, will I be reimbursed?

A. The activity fee covers all fees for the entire summer for all summer campers. Many times, we have paid in advance, and do not know until a day or week before, after we have paid, that your child is not going to attend and we cannot get our fees back.

Q. What do you do with extra money that you accumulate from children not attending certain activities?

A. Any money left over at the end of the summer is put into parties and additional field trips for the children. All money is put towards your child’s summer enjoyment.

For those that have not attended a summer camp with us in the past, most weeks the children go on field trips. Also, performers visit the school and the supplies are purchased with the activity fees. With all of this considered, over a course of the ten-week summer camp program, you are paying an additional $13.64 for crafts and four field trips and/or performances.

Please see the site Director with any further questions that you may have.

1755 Roswell Street, Smyrna GA 30080, USA